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 " Urban Scavenger Hunt"

 "Gabby Grasshopper's Adventure to the City Park"

 "The Catfish Caper"

       Buy your first copy and start your child's journey into reading.The adventure of the six boys from the 'Urban Scavenger Hunt'  leads them to a secret that shocks the city! This story will give children a glimpse of what being a true friend is and how to respond in a positive way to the challenges that life brings.

Gabby Grasshopper's Adventure to the City Park!

Written by: Tina Serrano

Illustrated by:

 Tina Serrano and Aryonna Rivera

Published by PublishAmerica

For preschool through 3rd grade.

Gabby takes a trip to the city park and meets a new friend- Rudy.


"The Catfish Caper" has been published right in time for fishing season!

Take a look into the world of friends, fishing and fun!

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A recent phone call

07/07/2012 17:57
  As a writer, I am always looking for books to purchase. My collection of children’s books is constantly growing. I recently received a phone call from my 8 year old granddaughter.She asked me if I had any Bobbsey Twins books. I can remember my grandmother talking about the Bobbsey twins!...

Aryonna's corner.

07/23/2010 00:03
 I am now reading The Fledgling. It's about a little girl,Georgie, who first discovered she could jump the staircase in two big leaps. Then she was standing on her front porch and floated to the roof of her house. Although she knows she can fly, her family doesn't believe her. One day the...