Play and social development

05/09/2012 20:25


    As Christian parents, we should be concerned with our children’s social development. Our children will someday be grown and on their own, facing the challenges of life without us to guide them. What we instill in them is important. It all starts in infancy. Even the simplest thing such as play is very important to our children’s development. Children need to have lots of free play in order to develop their language skills. It is through play that children develop the essential foundations that they require in order to be successful in life. It is through play that children learn problem solving, basic literacy, science and math skills as well as their social skills.  

            While some may see playing with blocks a simple-put together a tower activity, in reality a child building with blocks is learning about shapes and measurements. This is the beginning of the basic math skills that children need in order to acquire the skills needed later in their development.

            While playing, children are using language and their vocabulary will grow. The use of symbolic language –such as pretending a wooden block is a car, shows they are beginning to understand the meaning of symbols. They will start to understand that a symbol means something. Then they start to be interested in the words that they come in contact with. This increases their curiosity and creates a desire in them to learn. Their verbal language will start and after that singing, talking, and reading becomes an important part of their development. The larger a child’s vocabulary is, the faster they become communicators. The sooner they learn words and their meanings, the sooner these children begin to learn how to read. Literacy is an important aspect of a child’s development.

       There should always be a wide variety of books available for children. Even a baby can enjoy a book. The board books are a great way to introduce children to the world of literacy. Books should be age-appropriate and within reach of children. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children about books and reading. As parents it is our responsibility to provide the essential foundations for them in order for them to become successful in all areas of their life, and become productive members of society.