Raising children in the 21st century

05/09/2012 20:29

A child will have at least one parent in their life on whom they can rely and who will help them to build positive character traits. Raising a child in the 20th century is not an easy task.  Many parents are struggling with keeping their priorities in order. Being a parent takes a great deal of time, dedication and energy.Regardless as to what else is going on in a parent's life; the role of parenting must take priority if you want to raise a child with good character traits.
Not only does the parent need to teach- they must also be setting a good example. Children mimic the behaviors that they are exposed to at an early age.Having positive parenting skills and behavior is important.Studies show that although peers have an influence on our children, family life has the biggest influence on the molding of a child's character traits.
    Teachers are benefiting in the classroom by including  teaching daily lessons in good character traits. Pre-schools are including lessons in socialization and good character traits at an early age by using stories, puppets and role playing. Both parents and teachers must take this responsibilty seriously. Our youth are being taught that everything goes by some tv shows and music daily. How much more should we fight back by taking control and teaching our children that being a moral individual is the most important thing in life. Success in school and in life depends on their character traits.As parents, we must be vigalint about what we allow our children to view on television and the internet. The type of music they listen too is being filtered into their spirit. The kind of video games, books, magazines and the kind of peers they have in their live, all influence them.These negative things will over ride the good character traits being taught to the child. As parents, the method of correction used is something that must be consistant and with love and concern, not with anger. Never belittle a child or speak negativity into them. We must build them up and encourage them to do good.