Teaching children to be kind to others

05/09/2012 20:33


Teaching children to be kind to others is not an easy task. As children grow and develop, they are being exposed to so much violence and negative emotions. At Pennridge Christian Academy children are learning how to manage their emotions. Children with good self-esteem and self-control will be caring individuals.

There are different reasons as to why some children bully others. Some children are insecure about themselves and when they get that power feeling that comes with bullying, they feel good and in control. Children who bully others do not know how to deal with their own feelings of anger, hurt and frustration.

In some cases, children just don’t know how to treat others. They are exposed to cruel and unacceptable treatment at home and are learning the same behaviors. Parents have the responsibility to teach their children to be kind and caring towards others. Letting your children know that bullying is unacceptable and that there will be serious consequences at home, school, and in the community will deter bullying. The vicious cycle of anti-social behaviors must stop somewhere. Children must be taught about their emotions first, and then taught how to deal with their emotions before they can become caring individuals.

Parents can benefit from many resources within the community.  Churches, professional counseling centers and community programs offer classes and counseling for families.Understanding the reasons why children bully is the first step to correcting these behaviors. Helping families accomplish this is another challenge. Many children are in child care facilities and are away from their parents about eight to ten hours a day. It is a community responsibility to help teach children about the good and bad consequences of their behaviors.

Parents and their teachers must be on the same page as the character of the child is being molded. Teachers can teach children to develop character traits such as kindness, honesty, respect and others by teaching simple lessons daily. At the Pennridge Christian Academy, teachers are teaching their students how to deal with their emotions and how to build character traits that will stay with them forever. Teachers are teaching conflict managing skills and are making a difference in their student’s lives.