Aaliyah's day at the beach!

Aaliyah went to the beach with her family.

Before I went to the beach, I had to go potty and the bathroom was really little with a big mirror and three sinks. There was a little tiny window way up on top of the wall. It was very hot in there.

Before I went into the water, I took off my shoes.

I went in the water and a wave came and knocked me down, then another wave came and went over my face. I was in the water the whole time we were at the beach.

I kept falling down,but nobody helped me…

My family laughed at me because they thought I was having fun.

I tried to make a sandcastle, but I couldn’t make it.

I had sand all over my legs, and I tried to wash them.

I was trying to clean my shoes off to put them on and a wave came and stole my sunglasses.

I wonder if there’s a shark wearing my fabulous white sunglasses that had diamonds on them. They were my favorite sunglasses.

Mommy told me to wash myself off with the water, but I couldn’t wash the bucket because there was too much sand in the bucket and the waves kept coming back.

When it was time to go home, we had to walk far to get to the parking spot.

Daddy was already at the beach waiting for us, but mommy, my sisters and I were waiting for him at the parking spot! Finally we met up and we all got into the van.

I was hungry, so I ate lots of chips.

I think that’s why I have a sore in my mouth.

It took a long time to get home.

That was my day at the beach!


Aaliyah is 7 yrs old. "Creative writing is fun"-she says.