My philosophy of education

My philosophy of education


Part of my philosophy of education is that I believe comprehensive preschool education should be age appropriate and based on solid child development principles.  It should address the child's development in the following areas:

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Spiritual

The preschooler should have a stable environment and the opportunity to:

  • Learn to work and play with others
  • Development large and small muscle dexterity
  • Receive stimulation for creative mental development
  • Learn to deal acceptably with emotions
  • Develop an understanding of God, Christ, loving, sharing, and other Christian values.


 I believe play should be the primary medium for a preschooler's learning.  The preschool provides a group setting with which the child can feel secure and separate easily from parents.

The teacher/child ration should be set at a ratio so teachers have the opportunity to observe play and creative expression, and there should be a balance between child-selection and teacher-guided activities.

I believe that each child developments at his/her own pace and should be treated as an individual.