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2010-05-09 04:46


Nature’s Lessons


The motor of the small engine plane could be heard as it flew above the tall trees. Sitting in the shade, I listened to the many sounds of nature. A soothing cool breeze cooled the humid day. Even though it was for just a brief moment, that breeze felt so refreshing.

Birds were chirping all around, the air filled with so many different sounds, it was as if they were talking to each other about the day’s business. One after the other, chirp, whistle, caw, on and on those birds sounded. I imagined what it would be like to be up there, up in the tallest tree as a bird looking down at me!

I watched three spiders crawling up a tree branch as if they were on a mission. Where could they be going? I wondered. Probably up the long tree branches looking for a place to call home. Carefully they would weave their incredible webs.

Neighbors, they would be. Up in the thick brown branches, they would catch their food, preferably some juicy flies, beetles or even those big black ants as they marched up over the tree branches.

How smart they must be. Those three spiders, to out smart those hard working ants. I thought of how we get so busy in life’s journey, how we too are caught in webs. I thought of how we need to be careful not to be deceived.

A big fuzzy caterpillar caught my eye as it slowly inched its way across a tree root in front of me.

My mind quickly raced, as I thought of where that careful caterpillar was going so intently.

Another lesson from nature. It moved very slowly, as I moved when I would lift my sleeping child from their car seat; trying not to awaken them. I would carefully carry them into the house and gently lay them down on the couch, hoping not to awaken them. It would give me a few more hours to accomplish my daily tasks. Mommy magic, my daughter would say. Though it seemed like yesterday, it was not. Now my daughter was using her own mommy magic, lifting my granddaughters out in the same way!

As I sat deep in thought, I took my eyes off of the caterpillar for a brief moment. Where is it? I searched all around me, and to my surprise-there it was, headed straight up the tree, fight in front of me!

That fuzzy caterpillar would soon make a cocoon and would emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

I tried to imagine what it would be like to be a caterpillar. What would I be thinking? Would I be excited about the changes taking place inside of me? An overwhelming feeling of joy that comes with a new birth, that how it would be.

I thought for a moment of the aromas that I could smell. The aroma of the wild flowers, the stench of dirt, wet grass, and the smell of the fish as the fishermen nearby reeled them in. The aroma of a lilac bush caught my attention as I sniffed gently, hoping not to get too much of a smell of those nearby fish! That’s when it hit me. Life can be like those sweet smelling lilacs. We just need to slow down and look for those sweet smelling moments in life; we will see the special moments that come our way each day. Many times, they are unnoticed because we are thinking of our problems and are just too busy to see. Too busy to see the child trying to show their picture that they just drew, just for me. To the child, it is a masterpiece!

Many times we are too busy to read, really read the card that someone sent us for our birthday, or just because. Life’s special moments, to be able to donate money or our time to help those in need; instead of worrying about our bank account or what is for dinner tonight? To dry the tears of a hurt child and tell them it will be ok. These are some of life’s special moments.

Life’s lessons from nature, as we look around us in our quiet time, everyday holds a new one.

A busy bumblebee buzzed all around my ear. Quickly I swung at it, only to anger it. The bee buzzed all around me getting louder and louder. Then, suddenly it just buzzed quickly away. That bee was a lot like an angry person, I thought. Loud, moving fast and hoping to make their point known….Aren’t we like that at some time in life?

Again, I was sitting here. My thought was racing. Why can I not just sit and be still?

I listen and hear the trees gently swaying as the cool wind blows this lovely moment in nature is what I hear…. In the distance I hear children laughing, and at times crying. Motorcycles are roaring on the distant road. Even in nature, it is so busy, I thought.

A lesson learned from nature, once again!