Storytelling for kids


Storytelling for kids !

When choosing a storyteller, take into consideration the cost and how to keep within your budget. Inviting a local author/storyteller will cut down on costs. Keep in mind what an author can offer your students. My experience with children enables me to relate to their needs. Inspiring creativity and a thirst for learning is a priority to me as a teacher and as a writer, I want the children to know that they too can become writers and illustrators!

Looking for a workshop for those inspiring writers? My writer's workshop will take them step by step through a journey of creative writing.

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Read the biography and review the books on their website- you may be surprised to find that what an author has written can be a great lesson to your students.

Inspire creativity-

Schedule a storytelling adventure at your school, camp, church or birthday party!The kids love to interact as I tell the stories. Props of all kinds are included in my storytelling!

"The Catfish Caper" takes them into a fishing tale-Fishing gear, worms, bait, secret netter....

Gabby grasshopper's story will take the kids into a cultural adventure. The illustrator is a 12 year old who will teach them how to draw using shapes and their own creative ideas!

Urban scavenger hunt will tell a tale of inner-city adventures as they listen and experience the excitement of helping me find the clues to an inner-city mystery!

 My stories encourage children to step out and make friends, discover diversity and overcome fear of new things.... 

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Fees:Local and long distance fees are based on location.

Contact me for long distance special pricing.

Specials for "Urban Scavenger Hunt" for inner-city schools.

I have all the required clearances for schools.





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