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As a writer, I find myself  going off into an imaginary world from time to time! At times when life gets overwhelming, I like to  get lost in my writer’s world. When I was a little girl,  I often found myself in an imaginary place.

I am working on a fairytale storybook. The illustrations are being created by a very gifted young artist. I would like to give my followers a sneak peek of the story.  Enjoy!

The Desires of a Maiden’s Heart.

As she sits up high on her lovely little porch, her hair draped over the rail, trails into the mystical land of trees, animals and creatures of every kind.

Daily she sits and reads of many people who are encamped out in the oh, so big world.People who are able to touch the lives of others in ways that she only dreams of doing. Laughter, love and freedom are the three wishes that she dreams of every waking moment of every day.

Kept high up in the towering tree house, her life has been put on hold. Her hair is long, thick as the thorn bushes and thistles that lay down beneath her domain. Her efforts to escape have come to an end. For below lays the tall tree master and his terrible trolls. Her beauty is held captive and she only dreams of touching or getting a glimpse of the tender world that she has only known through the brilliant writings of times untold.

As she  reaches for her long lock of hair, she notices there is a snag, a hold on her shiny blonde hair. A tiny bird has taken the ends of her locks and turned them into its home.Over in the tree not so far away, lays in the nest of bright blonde hair – three little eggs and the momma bird is tucked warmly in a tangled ball of hair.

Oh my! She gasps as she wonders what will become of the precious little bird and its eggs.”I can not pull my hair away.”

The bird speaks to her as she wipes a tear away.

‘Fear not, you have hair that is plenty. Reach down and cut your locks and my babies and I will stay.”

She reaches inside her bag of trinkets for her scissors and cuts a lock of hair away. As she cuts it, she feels the joy of giving.

Her heart feels lighter and she smiles.

“Thank you dear little birdie for taking some of my sadness away” she says as she rolls her hair up on her lovely little porch high up in the towering tree guarded by the tree master and his terrible trolls.

Her smiles turns to laughter as she watches the bird flap its wings and dance around the lovely golden nest that she unknowingly made that day.


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